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Childbirth Education Classes

Posted on May 04, 2012 and filed under Community & Events.


Various topics offered. Classes presented as a four-week series, one-day intensive, weekend package, or two-week series. Each class offers a tour (in English or Spanish) of the Birthing Center with the exception of the two-week series. Individual tours (English and Spanish) are also available. For dates, times, cost, and registration information, call 1-866-690-9355.

Taught by a board-certified lactation consultant.

Growing Up is Great
A mother-daughter program designed for 9-11 year olds and their mothers or primary care takers.

Happiest Baby on the Block
Learn step by step how to soothe even the fussiest baby.

Healthy Eating for Pregnant and Breastfeeding Moms
A dietician helps with healthy choices before, during and after pregnancy.

Infant Massage
This two-hour class will help parents connect with their baby through directed touch. Learn massage routines that may be used to: enhance sleep; relieve colic; enhance muscle coordination; alleviate anxiety; enhance immunity system function; and establish a healthy relationship with your baby. For more information or to register, call 1-866-690-9355.

Prenatal Massage
Enjoy the ultimate feeling of being pampered for one hour by a certified massage therapist to help you relax and prepare for birth.

Postnatal Massage
Treat yourself to a one-hour postnatal massage designed just for the new mom. Our certified nurse massage therapists will assist the new mother in adjusting to a non-pregnant body. Relax while we work on those muscles stressed by the pregnancy, labor and delivery. Cost for the one hour session in your Post Partum room is $85. Doctor’s note giving permission is required. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 1-866-690-9355.

Infant Care
Learn to for children up to 3 months old.

Natural Family Planning
This highly-reliable method promotes independence for couples who wish to take charge of their own fertility and family planning decisions.

Sibling Preparation
Children ages 3 to 10 tour the nursery and learn about home safety for their soon-to-arrive siblings.

A Good Grandparent is Always Prepared
Becoming a grandparent is a major transition in life, which always brings some stress. How will it change your relationships? What kind of grandparent will you be? How can you make grandparenting fun? Topics include: defining your role, creating healthy boundaries, balancing your life, preparing your home, safety issues, medical updates on maternity and infant care (SIDS, sleep, infant body language, new infant tests), shopping for grandchildren, helping your children, keeping in touch, family issues, balancing your finances, legal issues, and resources for grandparents.

This is a two-hour program. Cost is $20. There is a FREE tour of the Birthing Center at the conclusion of the class for interested participants. For more information or to register, CALL 1-866-690-9355.

Call 1-866-690-9355 to schedule a free tour (English & Spanish) of the birthing center. Saint Agnes also offers childbirth education classes at our Geipe Road location. Call for information.

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